Your take on away tickets is very interesting but what are you planning to do about people on 19 blocking tickets for people further down the chain. Let me explain. I am on 17 but already had this level taken away so drop into 15. That alone makes getting tickets harder. Then nothing stops people on 19, who have already purchased a ticket, logging in at 16:30 on the day the 15 category goes on sale and putting a ticket in there basket for a mate on 15. The ticket sits in a basket for 40 mins so at 17:00 they allocate that ticket to the mate. Therefore when another fan goes into the lottery the seats are not available as they are already in the basket of someone who already has a ticket. I know this goes on. It’s a loophole that no one wants to address. I was in dead on time yesterday to get a Brentford ticket all seats were allocated. This isn’t chance. This is done as above.

Once you’ve purchased your ticket you should not be allowed back in. If your mate wants a ticket then log in and get in the lottery. Deal with this first at your consultation meeting if any of your suggestions want to work as none of your suggestions will guarantee tickets going further down the food chain while this continues to happen.

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